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Buy Brass Knuckles Cartridge Online USA

One of the most significant issues in the vaping industry is the enormous number of fake products on the market. It has become an especially big issue due to the recent vaping illness outbreak. Buy brass knuckles cartridge online USA here

Brass Knuckles Cartridge For Sale Online

By the beginning of 2020, an estimated 60 people died after using a vaping product, and 2,700 others ended up in the hospital. Though the precise culprit is unknown, there is a strong suspicion that vitamin E acetate is involved. It is a thickening agent often used in vape cartridges.Brass knuckles cartridge for sale online now

Brass Knuckles Cartridges For Sale

At one point, most brands used a low concentration of it. However, a combination of high demand and lower supply of cannabis vape products resulted in some products containing over 50% of the thickener. A national survey concluded that over 5.3 million high-school and middle-school students used e-cigarettes within the last month.We have brass knuckles cartridges for sale

Buy Brass Knuckles Cartridge

Now, there is a ban in place for flavored vape juices, though you can still purchase cannabis and CBD vape products. Today, we look at the Brass Knuckles brand. The above information is relevant to this company because it is the subject of a lot of rip-off products. You can buy  brass knuckles cartridge from us and get it delivered to your door step.

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Brass Knuckles operates out of Los Angeles, California. For a long time, Brass Knuckles vape cartridges were among the best and most potent on the market. At one point, its Forbidden Fruit concentrate tested at an incredible 90% THC content. However, the brand reduced the THC percentage. Buy brass knuckles cartridge bulk and get a discount.

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