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Buy God’s Gift Strain Online USA

God’s Gift is an indica dominated strain (90:10 indica / sativa ratio) with a staggering 27% THC level. It is the potent offspring of Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush. This strain became popular in California dispensaries in 2005. Winning first place for best indica at the 2015 Bio Cannabis Cup in Spain. It’s awesome when you need a strong high. God’s Gift contains flavors of grape, citrus, and hash. Buy God’s Gift Strain Online USA from us.

Buy God’s Gift Weed Strain Online

One of the more potent buds on the market, this strain tops out at 27% THC but has been seen as low as 15%. Although its genetics would dictate that nugs should be purple in tone, God’s Gift is much more dense with a ton of white trichomes catching your eye. It has an exceptional flavor that most people relish and enjoy. But it tastes quite similar to Granddaddy Purple but with lemon after-tones and a hint of fresh citrus. Classic flavors and aromas of citrus, berry, lemon, grape, and hash all blend together for a pleasing after dinner treat. Buy God’s Gift Weed Strain Online.

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After smoking it, you will be left in a dreamy and peaceful daze. Do not be surprised if you want to end up hugging onto your couch for dear life before the high gradually begins to disappear.  A few hits of the strain are more than enough to make you sleep for hours.  But this is not necessarily a bad thing as it is perfect for individuals looking for a pain reliever.  Moreover, it is highly effective as a stress reliever and at naturally boosting your appetite. God’s gift strain near me.

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Many describe the high as being in a trance, which is probably what it feels like to meet God himself. A fast-acting strain that leaves you incredibly dreamy and relaxed, you’ll notice that your mind is cleared of all worry. Users will feel happy and peaceful, and although one might describe the sensation as uplifting, you won’t have the slightest trace of energy. Instead, prepare to be one with your couch for hours or even the rest of the night, depending on how much you smoke.


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