The flavour of Dark Angel is essentially that of a top-quality coffee and has notes of both spice and sweetness.  The aroma could be put in a bottle on its own.  It’s still very much based on coffee, but there’s spices and nuts in there as well along with an earthy body and real pungency.

You can expect at least 15% THC in Dark Angel, 20% is far from unusual and some sources have reported that it can go as high as 22%.  This puts it on the upper end of the sort of THC content beginners should consider.  As you would expect, the effect begins with some knockout pain relief and a powerful head high, which is known for being relaxing and meditative rather than energetic.  Those looking for a weed to get the party started should definitely look elsewhere, this is a weed to get you thinking rather than one to get you dancing.  Dark Angel also has about 1% CBD, which means that as the head high gently ebbs away, you move smoothly into a wonderful, full-body stone.  Dark Angel has built a reputation for itself as a strain which will deal with pain effectively and soothe you into the sleep you so desperately need.  It’s also noted for its results with emotional conditions, such as anxiety, stress and depression.


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