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Hindu Kush, also known as “Hindi Kush,” is a pure indica marijuana strain  which originated between the mountain of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This strain is a 100% indica strain. This bud is infamous among users all around the world. Because of  its classic indica effects and long-lasting high.  That’s perfect for any lazy day or sleepless night when you need a little extra help to fully let go. Buy hindu kush online now. Hindu kush for sale online at KSB.

Hindu Kush For Sale Online

It is a potent pure indica with a THC content of 32%.  The high has a subtle building onset that creeps up on both mind and body before suddenly taking hold. Hindu Kush induces a deep sense of calm that helps bring relief to those suffering pain, nausea, and stress disorders. You’ll feel a euphoric effect settle into your mind, easing away any negative or racing thoughts . And leaving you feeling blissfully unfocused and hazy.

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The harsh climate of its homeland has conditioned this strain to express a thick, protective coat of crystal trichomes cherished by hash makers worldwide. With a subtle sweet and earthy sandalwood aroma. As your mind settles into oblivion, your body will begin to follow suit. It leaves you couch-locked and totally sedated for hours and hours on end.  Buy hindu kush buds online here.

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Nevertheless, Hindu Kush is a relatively pure strain, simpler and often more potent that the novelty crossbreeds.  And it continues to multiply in today’s competitive cannabis market. It is prized for its heavily sedative, almost narcotic properties and its highly resinous flowers. The densely-packed flowers are famous for their resin (Hindu Kush may have been one of the first strains used to produce hash).  Buy hindu kush Canada

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The aroma of this strain is very complex, with a simultaneously sweet and musky scent. Redolent of spice, sandalwood, pine, and wet earth. The musky odor intensifies when flowers are combusted and smoked. There is Hindu kush near me.



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